Monday, May 21, 2012

camera catastrophe

Day two we went back to the nantahala. I brought along my digital slr since my small camera is out of commission. Once again Johnny caught the first fish of the day, a brook trout. At the next hole he landed a nice rainbow. The third hole johnny split off and went down stream and i went up stream. I found a deep hole where I caught several big rainbows and brookies allowing the current to suck my line down to the bottom and stripping my olive wollybugger back. We ended the day with all rainbows and brook trout. As I was walking down stream to meet Johnny I lost my footing and fell face first into the stream. My camera was fully submerged under water. This ended our day of fishing. I immediately took the batteries out and headed to the car. I disassembled the camera and dried it as best as possible. I let it dry for 24 hours. There was condensation in the viewfinder and the lens. I could not get to those spots to clean them but I used Destiny's hair dryer and finally got all the moisture out. There are still spots on the lens elements that cause some distortion to the image but not too bad. I'm just glad it still works

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